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You probably came to to this site because you are a seeker and fan of bbw dating. Well, you came to the right place. This site has been specifically created and designed for 1 purpose: to be the best source for all things related to big beautiful women.

Of course we are also lovers of the beautiful plus size women.

Everyone has a unique taste and preference when it comes to selecting their romantic partners. And of course, there is a huge following of bbw dating all over the world.

In this site we will post on all topics relating to this subject. From bbw dating sites and chat apps, to tips and advice on hooking up with local women. This definitive and comprehensive site can save you time and resources in finding them.

This page will lead you to other more specific links that can help you in those topics as such. As there are so many related topics to dive into – it can be much easier and enjoyable to read through them all.

So lets get more into this.


What is BBW ?

Plus Size Girl in Bikini

It is an abbreviation that comes from the term Big Beautiful Woman. Many years ago on the internet communities this term came to fruition as more men started showing interest in the same type of woman.

It was also widely used in the adult entertainment industry. The term BBW was popular as a category or specific type of woman that was sought after by many men. It was and still is used by some as a type of fetish or kink slang by some. However, BBW is used to define a specific interest in sexy large women. Women that have revolutionized what society think of overweight women.

It is also important to know that some people use this term for Big Black Women. And although it is used by some, it is still not the original abbreviation which was used to define beautiful plus sized women.

Now you will find beautiful curvy models on TV and even in lingerie fashion shows all over the globe. It has now become an open interest among men who are interested in BBW dating.


Why BBW Dating?

BBW Woman - BBW Dating WorldOne this is for certain from my own experience: the demand of plus size women and BBW dating has been increasing. Now a days many men want a woman that has some nice shapes or “curves” on her physique. Even in the media and pop culture, bbw is sometimes shown right in our faces.

From Instagram photos, to reality T.V. Shows, you can see sexy bbw all over now. This has caused a huge interest from men that once were not that interested in them.

And you know whats amazing? because of social media and the internet it can be so much easier to connect with with plus size women. There are many reputable BBW chat apps that make it possible to get romantically involved with them. Here are the most common things that most men look for:

Casual BBW Dating

Some men just want to try dating a BBW and see how they feel about it. They are not sure yet how they will enjoy it, but they have enough interest in it that they seek to date them.

Long Term Relationship

On the other hand, there are other men that want a fulfilling long term relationship with a BBW. They are ready for the next step. Some men already know exactly what they want and they are willing to go after it. This is great!

Having a long term relationship which potentially leads to marriage is a wonderful thing. And if your preference is for big beautiful women, then you should seriously consider starting something meaningful with them.

Here at this site we want to be a great source of info and method to find them.

One night stands

Some guys want to have fun short term. They are looking for a BBW to sex with as fast as possible. Whatever the case may be, usually some guys are not ready for a serious relationship just yet. Maybe they just want to see whats out there, before committing. In any case, there is a world of opportunity for men to meet plus size women. We recommend for guys to do what feels right and take there time before they really know what they want.

Kink & Fetishes

Kink & Fetish

And last but not least, there are always men who have fetishes and fantasies to fulfill. They specifically desire a BBW to carry out that fanatasy. They want to feel satisfied. In turn, there are also women who want this type of interaction with men. You can find them in the BBW dating sites and the personals. As was mentioned before, the internet and social media has created a method for people to connect. This has allowed people to reach out and communicate exactly what it is that they want.


Where to Find BBW?

One of the best ways to meet plus sized woman to date is online. That is one of the main purposes of this site. Our goal is to help you find the woman that you are looking for.

BBW Dating Sites

Online Dating

A very popular and effective way to meet them is through the many BBW dating sites on the internet. These sites make it very easy for you to open an account. Once you open an account, you can start posting some pictures and filling in the description of what it is you are looking for you. You can browse through the countless profiles and find many girls that interest you.

One of the great things about the BBW dating sites is the variety of women you can meet. There are women that are looking for serious relationships, or women that want short time fun. It really depends on you and which direction you want to go.

Some of the online dating apps are completely free, while other require a fee to grant full access to use all the features of the site. Although each site has its own specific features, you can usually find these features get “unlocked” when you sign for a premium or upgraded membership:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Premium account holders get viewed more
  • Custom lists and favorites
  • No limits on amount of pictures to post
  • Video/and or voice chat included

On this site we have reviewed the dating sites for you. We give you a good idea of what to expect at all the sites. And like anything else in life, there are pros and cons to each site. But one of the key important factors that all men look for is the amount of women online at the chat sites.

Another great thing about the online BBW dating scene is the specific sites. For example, there are dating sites for black BBW or Asian BBW that cater to a specific market. This is great for  guys that have a particular taste. They can narrow down there potential dating partners much better this way.

Meet them Local

Woman in Black DressOne of the original ways to meet for BBW Dating was to meet them local. Either through social circles or in public places like work, shopping malls, bars, etc.

One of the advantages of meeting them local is that you can see exactly how they look like in person and date them. Now thanks to the internet which allows local searches on the dating sites, it has become quite easy to meet plus size women in your area. Read the article on how to meet local BBW for more info on that.


Dating Tips

Of course every man wants to have to be the best as he possibly can. And this is true with regards to BBW dating. You can check out the full BBW Dating tips article to give you the best insights on the tips to make you successful with sexy large women.

Some of the topics that you will see there are the following:

  • The important of appearance
  • How to chat with them in person and online
  • How to deal with rejection
  • A note on self confidence, plus much more.


The Benefits of Dating Them

Plus Size Woman ModelMany guys are curious about the pros of dating one. Here are some of the benefits that you should consider:

  • How they can be great in bed
  • Submissive personality
  • Generous and kind nature
  • Dependable

We know that not every man might like larger women, but from our experience there are quite some solid benefits to dating a BBW. It really comes down to your own values and what you prefer.

If you can see beyond the social influences and stereotypes, you will find the answers for yourself. But one thing is for certain: there is a reason why so many men are beginning to have interest in big curvy women these days.

In the article the 8 Benefits of Dating a BBW you will find more details and information about this very topic. Read and learn some of the important things that many guys are placing value on. Today’s world is different, many men are starting to see the advantages of things that men of previous generations overlooked.


Do Men Really Like Big Women?

Another great resource is our Do Men Like Big Women for Dating and Relationships? article. In there we go into the topic whether or not men like plus size women for dating and relationships. This is useful since many women are wondering if guys actually feel attracted to a BBW.

Women should know that BBW dating is one of the things many men look for now. And in that article we really make a point of proving that many men do like big women.


Another interesting read should be the post My Experience Dating a Fat Woman | A Reader Tells All!. Have you ever wondered how it feels like to date a fat woman? Well in that article one of our readers shares his experience dating a plus size woman. In it he talks about some of the issues that he faced from the start, and also some of the benefits he felt during the relationship. It really is a great source to know what if feels like dating a BBW. So take a look at that and come up with your own conclusions as well.